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The Zhuhai UM Science & Technology Research Institute (ZUMRI) (珠海澳大科技研究院) has been registered as a support unit of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and research projects can be applied from NSFC through ZUMRI.

NSFC is now calling for 2018 application which mainly support basic research or applied research projects in scientific areas. For details, please refer to NSFC website (

The checklist for required document and template for faculty’s recommendation (email recommendation can also be considered) are attached for your kind reference. The template for the collaboration agreement and the informed consent (知情同意書) can also be provided upon request.

Please note and strictly follow the application timeline as attached.

Kindly be reminded that all applications have to be submitted via ISIS and required documents have to be submitted to ZUMRI (by email) on or before 21 February 2018 and a final version has to be submitted to ZUMRI via RDAO (in hard copy with the signatory and collaboration unit stamp (if applicable) on the signatory page) on or before 15 March 2018. Due to the tight schedule, please note that late submission will not be accepted.

Please consult our colleagues below if you have any enquiries on the preparation of proposals, the collaboration agreement and the application.

Dr. Wen Wu (, ext. 4477)
Ms. Isabel He (, ext. 4347)
Ms. Kass Chow (, ext. 4805)​

– 2018 年度國家自然科學基金項目審核明細表
– 2018 年度NSFC 項目申請提交及審批步驟
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